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Firstly, welcome to Orange Hope. Enjoy browsing our pages and discover the many ways we engage with our clients using coaching and NLP. Our One on One coaching page unpacks what we do and includes information about the different ways our training and one on one coaching will work for you. On the resources page we share some of favourite clips and articles to learn more about why we love it.

For more than a decade Orange Hope has provided a nurturing wellness approach to people seeking to better themselves, their relationships and their businesses. Why do people keep coming back? Our down to earth approach cultivates a new awareness and that makes them happy.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, a development that revolutionized the self-help industry, with interpretation aside; it is best understood by experiencing it with a good trainer. There are many myths out there about what it is so I’d rather place your understanding on why people succeed with it over and over again and that is because NLP nurtures extraordinary awareness and this produces extraordinary results.

Our Team

Theresa Haupt

Theresa Haupt Coach

Change can begin with a single insight that separates us from where we are to where we want to be.

As a multi-certified NLP Coach and Mindfulness facilitator Theresa combines an intuitive and gentle approach that’s highly sought after by clients who want to achieve an extraordinary sense of balance in their life. Her early corporate leadership was the stepping-stone toward many solo-travelling adventures and outdoor leadership experiences and that inspired a curiosity in her, what makes great leaders great?

One primary pattern appeared, their experience in NLP. But what she also noticed was when combined with the principles of mindfulness her clients achieved a divine balance and experienced a truly generative experience. Theresa has sought after and trained with great leaders in their own unique fields - Christina Hall, Jamie Smart, James Tsakalos, Roger Deaner, Marvin Oka, Anthony Robbins, Penny Tomkins, Laureli Blyth, Dr. Heidi Heron, James Lawley, Judy Reese, Michael Grinder, Craig Hassed, and NLP co founders Richard Bandler and Frank Pucilic to name a few.

Justin Haupt

Justin Haupt Coach

Choose a job that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Promoting positive economic growth in regional Victoria Justin is a multi-award winning Franchisee with more than a decade of experience growing a 7-figure business. He has worked from the ground up to create a business in balance so that he can spend his time like most people can’t.

It’s not uncommon for the stresses of business to spill over into family life. Justin is passionate about bringing balance back to business and to help clients strengthen their framework to support positive growth, both in profits and in people. Trained in NLP, Justin adapts his approach with every client and uses his business background to coach other entrepreneurs so that they can bring back balance to their business, step back to enjoy their life.