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“No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own. That’s where coaching comes in” Barry Blitt

Life Coaching

You can do anything you want. The hard part is deciding what it is. When you’ve done that, you’re already on your way

Do you already have a pretty clear idea about what it is you want to achieve and need an extra pair of eyes and ears to help break it down or push it out even further beyond your imagination? Then this is for you. In this 60-minute coaching session you’re in the driver seat so focus is on what’s happening and the direction you want to take. Life coaching assists people to step outside their comfort zone and into confidence and clarity. It helps to simplify a bigger task into achievable stepping stones and address limiting beliefs that may prevent you from achieving the results your after.

What you need to know

  • 60-minute coaching session
  • Over the phone or the approach you ask for
  • No commitment
  • Outcome focused and success driven

“You seriously changed my life, it’s like you found my handbook and fixed this part and then it grew to other areas in my life, I learnt how to feel the right pattern for myself. I call that my intuition. It’s not a therapy we talk as friends. You know what I need and when I need it and your kind and there is no judgment, just always a good idea. As soon as we talk what ever been going on is fine again and its like its all been fixed. It is like you gave me that first push you need when learning to ride a bike and then you get momentum and confidence and you can do it yourself. Normally I help others and now there is someone to help me.” Suzanne

“Amazing that understanding what was really going on did, this conversation with Theresa created a totally unconscious motivation that kicked me into gear and after that I put myself out there and got back into the workforce, organised the selling of property that I had been holding onto and facilitated a massive shift that moved me into a lifestyle that I had dreamt of having and I made it happen! Its something I’ll do more of because there is so much that can be done to better your life and better yourself.” Gemma Buffet, Designer

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NLP Clean Language and Mbit Coaching

Because when you stop and look around life is pretty amazing

Are you ready for a turn around? Are you at the tipping point, when the pains become a little too much to bear? Are you ready to take action and seek out a professional to get you through your rough patch? These sessions allow us to creatively coach through what emerges; it is not just a tool for development but for healing, insight, personal excellence and discovery. Clear emotional burdens and the beliefs and values that support them as we sequence together critical components to achieve your outcome.

What you need to know

  • 3 x 60-minute therapeutic sessions
  • Over the phone or the approach you ask for
  • Unlimited email access
  • Online resources provided
  • 3 month commitment

“I sat down with Theresa in order for her to help me with a goal that had been unobtainable to me for many, many years. What transpired was such a breakthrough for me. I had been looking at the issue from the incorrect perspective for the majority of my adult life and in that 1 session, I could finally see and feel it for what it really was. Theresa is a practitioner who has the ability to hold a safe space for you. Her support, care and undeniable skill set has enabled me to be moving forward in the direction of my dreams, feeling wonderfully happy along the way. Thank you Theresa.” Lisa, Frankston South

“In just a few sessions NLP enabled me to feel open to new ideas, feel less fearful and act in the areas of my life that needed change. It was awesome how just feeling open was enough to get me moving. Over the months after sessions it felt like the work Theresa did snowballed as it became even easier and easier to achieve what it was that I needed to do. It was such an interesting feeling during the sessions as well, feeling my headspace stretch and open to new different thinking. NLP is fab, I will use it again!” Elly Collins

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Business Coaching

Is confusion costing you? The mind is everything when it comes down to business.

Business coaching connects you to the results you need in your business. It’s about getting the right results that are right for you. We take care to support growth and nurture results, be it profit or performance, our program maps out a plan with clarity so that targeted outcomes and specific actions support your success.

What are some of the ways we tailor support for you and your business?

  • With high performance coaching to achieve more and stress less
  • Time management strategies and solutions that emphasize work life balance
  • Clearer focus for your business and employees which promote positive economic growth
  • Reconnection with your ‘why’ so ideas can flow
  • Communication tools that drive motivation, grow networks and results
  • Product packaging solutions that exceed your customer expectations

Don’t let passion lose out to performance. If you are in business or are an employee wanting to stretch out even further then this is perfect for you.

What you need to know

  • 6 x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Over the phone or the approach your business needs
  • Unlimited email consultations
  • Online resources provided
  • 6 month commitment

“There is no divide between who Theresa is as a facilitator and as a person; her style of authenticity is something that is really important to me.” Tom Ruijs, Lighthouse

“Theresa is amazing!!! I found myself thinking about the products and services I provide to my clients in different ways, which not only increase the amount of opportunities and directions I can take in my business but, creates more value for my clients. Win: Win! I highly recommend Theresa for any one or any business owner who needs honest support, guidance of a strong mentor.” Megan Wright

“Theresa’s commitment, skills and passion for assisting others to manifest their dreams is inspiring. We had such a productive and valuable session today. I cannot thank you enough Theresa for facilitating me to move forward with my business vision.” Jenny Jewel Swan, Mindfulness facilitator

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Fearless Speaking

Fall in love with as many things as possible

Fears and phobias run in all shapes and sizes, be it big or small you’re in the right place if you wan to deliver a message with clarity and confidence. Learn to captivate your audience and deliver your valuable message. Let go of stress and anxiety and leverage your energy for the stage. If you find it hard to get the words out, are reading off your cards, distracted by your notes or want to connect with your audience then yep this is what you’re after.

Down to the details.

  • 3 x 60-minute sessions
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Anywhere / anytime access to course material
  • Community support
  • Immediate results
  • Lifetime access to course material

“Theresa has amazing tools to be able to put you into effective states of mind and to help you be more resourceful and more effective through your day. I saw her because I felt a really low self-esteem however with a few sessions I have felt so much better and my mind is clearer with what I am supposed to do. Theresa is also very friendly and easy going, I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Jason Russell, Personal Trainer

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IVF Coaching

A thread of hope is a very powerful thing

Are you running against a whirlpool of emotions or freaking out over giving yourself injections? Then we can support you. This fast mind body approach to therapy is powerful with phobias, stress, obsessions and overwhelm.

IVF coaching is for you if you have a needle phobia, are experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety, sickness, are worried if your body can do this.

If you are not feeling emotionally supported, feel hopeless, want to learn more about calming your system, or want to relax even more, ease the stress, stop worrying if it will ever happen, we can help you.

If frazzled and overwhelmed is not your thing this is the first step in calming down your system to enhance your natural fertile state in this 60-minute coaching session you’re in the driver seat so focus is on what’s happening and the direction you want to take.

What you need to know

  • 60-minute coaching session
  • Contact sessions available in Ballarat & Melbourne
  • If location is not suitable alternative arrangements can be made
  • No commitment
  • Outcome focused and success driven

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Mindful Masterclass

Start each day with a grateful heart

Live a more balanced life using mindfulness. The statistics are simple, reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure, sleep better, stop being ruled by your emotions, have better ways to manage stress and anxiety, experience inner peace, have your results sky rocket, have more energy, access your flow states, accomplish more and build resilience.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your life, are looking for better ways to manage your worries, fears and anxiety, de-stress, experience more clarity, calm and focus and raise your awareness then it’s for you. It’s a simple practice that is easy to do. Supported with course material and one-on-one coaching our program can focus on what’s hard and confusing for you and take the effort out of relaxation. You decide the direction you want to take mindfulness in your life and we will be the momentum that gets you there so you can begin to experience a positive change and feel the immediate effects of a happier more free you.

Down to the details.

  • 3 x 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Anywhere / anytime lifetime access to course material
  • 90 day program
  • Access to online workshops
  • Community support
  • Immediate results
  • Recommend reading and listing

“Theresa helped me to recognise the negative thoughts I was having, that I would as an excuse for not being able to achieve my goals. Also changing the way I react to certain situations; which can turn a bad day into a good day within seconds.” Vanessa, Listen to your Body Franchisee

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